In September 2008 we (Ken and Linda) attended our first Dolls House and Miniatures fair, as traders, not sure what the reaction would be to our range of miniatures.

The stand displayed standard and table lamps, tables and other small turned items. The reaction was exhilarating!

Since then we have developed many new pieces, partly in response to customer requests / suggestions (Art Deco table lamps being one positive request) and Ken likes the challenge.

We make our miniatures 1/12th and 1/24th, Traditional, Modern, Art Deco and Tiffany style lamps, and many other uniquely collectable items and accessories, from local and exotic woods, Trustone, Corian, acrylics and resins. They are turned, by Ken, on a full size woodturning lathe, and are wholly turned or have at least one turned component. Linda is the artistic one; she paints, decorates and finishes the miniatures.

Ken is now retired, after spending most of his working life in the Royal Navy and NHS, but still finds time to do some local voluntary work.
Linda is also retired but works part time in the NHS, and also does some local voluntary work; so time has taken on a different meaning – busy! busy!

We mainly sell our miniatures at Dolls House and Miniature fairs including York, Miniatura, and a number of fairs across the South of England. However, enquiries by phone or email are always welcome.

Plans for the future include further development of our own ideas, introduction of LED technology, battery power and further requests and suggestions from customers.

Proud member of Artisans in Miniature
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